Record Binders
Heritage Record Binders set the industry standard in loose leaf record-keeping. This binder has rigid, heavy duty, nickel plated metal parts, self aligning posts and smooth operating locking bars.

Bound Books

Bound Books
Enduro craftsmen produce the finest bound record books available today. Whether they are “full bound” (completely bound in leather) or “3/4 bound” (leather spine & corners, imitation leather side panels) the signatures are sewn on guard for a true flat opening book.

indestucto Binders

Indestructo Binders
The flagship Enduro Binder made of a rigid 200 ga. polystyrene material. This champ is perfect for daily recording Deeds, Mortgages, Conveyances, Official Records and more. Built to last with custom sizes and capacities.

Permanent Record Paper

Permanent Recording Paper
These papers are specifically designed for permanent records, when archival quality is required. Paper has proven its ability to withstand the test of time.


Post Binders
Sectional post binders are available for all kinds of loose leaf record keeping formats. These rigid binders are offered in a Key-Lock or Button-Lock style and come in an array of sizes and materials. Perfect for Tax Rolls, Assessment Rolls, Cash Journals, Ledgers and more.

storage binder

Storage Binders
Store those valuable records neatly and securely. Storage Binders come equipped with either a knurled thumbnut or a screwcap style post, depending on your desire or use.

minute books

Minute Books and Filler Pages
Enduro Minute Books offer the finest protection and storage available for valuable minutes. Commissioners, City Councils, Corporate Board Rooms and Law Offices all can store minutes in a stylish fashion.


Plat Books
Enduro plat binders are both an economical and durable way to store and protect plats, maps, laminated plats and plat envelopes.

plat cabinets

Plat Cabinets
Plat filing and storage is a necessary part of your office organization. For the ultimate in plat storage, the ever-popular Enduro plat cabinet is the affordable answer. When security is a must, when you want the finest, the Enduro plat cabinet meets all the requirements.

canvas jackets

Canvas Jackets
Canvas jackets protect the valuable fine bindings of record and index books from constant wear and tear of day-to-day use. Enduro’s long lasting jackets are an easy and inexpensive way to renew the appearance of old record books, too. All canvas jackets have gold tooled corners.

custom printed sheets

Custom Printed Sheets
& Indexes
Printed filler sheets are like those used in our Bound Books, except that these are individual sheets for use in Enduro “loose leaf” record binders. Each filler is custom printed to your customer’s specifications.